Feedback on the 2012 Women’s Leadership Initiative

The last session of this spring’s Women’s Leadership Institute was last Friday, and the Steering Committee has received some great feedback from the participants.  The aspects of the program that were most frequently listed as the most helpful elements were the sessions on personality profiling (Myers-Briggs), personal branding, networking, and negotiating.  The concluding panel discussion received great reviews.

Nearly everyone expressed enthusiasm about maintaining the momentum and building on what we learned this semester.  We’ll be looking for ways to follow up, particularly in helping the participants use the tools they learned to develop plans for personal and professional growth.  A number of people expressed interest in case studies (of both good and bad examples) and in having more outside speakers.  Of 27 respondents, almost half (13 women) volunteered to serve on the 2013 WLI steering committee!

One of our original goals was to create a program that could be replicated at other institutions — in Georgia or elsewhere.  The steering committee is now in the process of preparing a summary that might be helpful to others.  At last Friday’s session, each participant received a certificate and a lapel pin.  The pin, shown below, includes the SPSU hexagon logo and a magnolia.  The committee deliberated about whether to include a flower.  Julie Newell, our resident botanist, vetoed the state flower — a Cherokee rose — because it is a non-native, invasive species, but everyone seemed to like the magnolia, with the “steel magnolia” symbolism.  I think it looks great.Image 


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