What’s your 20?

This question comes from a recent job ad for an account director at Unboundary — a marketing strategy and design studio in Atlanta.  Here’s the explanation about how to apply for a job from their website (the URL is http://www.unboundary.com/principal_description.php, and this is used with Unboundary’s permission):

Provided you have at least seven years’ experience, we’ll need two things from you: your resume and your 20.

What’s your 20?  Think of it this way.  We’re all shaped by our experiences – the roads we’ve traveled, the places we’ve lived, the books we’ve read, the music we’ve listened to, the movies we’ve seen.  Our families and friends.  Our heroes.  Our habits.  Our spiritual and intellectual journeys.  Everything we experience shapes who we are.  This is not the place to tout your abilities; this is the place to let us get to know the personal you – the real you.  So write to us about the 20 things that define you and package that, with your resume, into a single PDF or Word file, and email it to …..

The question of “What’s your 20?” is highly relevant to our upcoming meeting of the Women’s Leadership Initiative at Southern Polytechnic.  Our topic will be personal branding, and listing these 20 items seems like a great way to think about a personal brand – and how it was created.

Of course, the question “What’s your 20?” refers to the “10 codes” that are used by law enforcement and which were adopted by CB radio users.  “10-20” (or just “20”) means “What’s your location?”  Although the police and CB users generally mean location literally, we can also think of it metaphorically.  Where are you in your career?  In your pursuit of personal and professional goals?  In your path toward becoming a leader?

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