Best companies — and universities — for leaders

The January/February 2012 issue of Chief Executive includes a listing of the “40 Best Companies for Leaders” – which is really about companies that support leadership development.  Only 15 of the 2012 companies were even ranked in the top 40 in 2011, so the list is fairly fluid.  What’s interesting are the four major criteria described in the article:

  1. Having a formal leadership-development process in place;
  2. The commitment level of the CEO, as measured by his or her time and quality of involvement with the leadership process and development program;
  3. The depth of the leadership funnel as measured by the percentage of senior and middle management positions filled by internal candidates; and
  4. The number of other companies that report recruiting from the company being evaluated.

These same criteria seem to apply for “best colleges and universities for leaders,” too.  Does a formal leadership development program exist?  (We’re working on this at SPSU.)  Is the president involved and committed?  (I’m certainly trying.)  Are internal candidates for leadership positions success?  (Sometimes.  We’re also working on this one.)  Do other institutions try to recruit from us?  (Yes, but more should be trying.)

One of our goals is for SPSU to be a “best university for leaders.”  What other criteria should be considered?

The article is available on-line at

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